Creative Process Wooden Pin Badge


Being creative is a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes you love what you’ve made, other times its s**t, a little more colour here, less texture there….I get it….BUT, It’s all part of the Creative Process.

This pin badge is here to remind its wearer that its OK to get it wrong, its’s OK to be confused. Keep going, because the outcome is always so worth it.

Our wooden pin badges are made from responsibly sourced, fast growing Maple Veneer wood and measures 30mm.
The badge comes with a matte finish and a rubber backing making it easier to wear than others.

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Please note that this wood is made from natural materials, which means that the colour, grain, and texture of each badge will be different from the next. Colours on screen can differ from what you see on screen and the finished print product. Monitor settings and quality can also contribute to colour variations.

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