Shit I’ve Bought – A6 Notepad


Now, don’t lie to us and say that there hasn’t been 1/2 (maybe more) occasions that you’ve bought something on the interweb and have completely forgot that you ordered it.
Could it have been a drunken order of more wine, a hangry order of 12 toblerones (I promise, these aren’t my own personal examples), either way, it’s sometimes not a welcome surprise.

With this in mind, we created our “Shit I’ve bought (and will forget I’ve bought until it turns up)” notepad to stop any surprise deliveries. This notepad comes with a really modern design and 7 lines to keep tabs on what you’ve ordered. Once said item has arrived, simply tick the blob to the left….nice and easy!

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  1. 50 sheets
  2. 120gsmĀ premium white card
  3. Grey board backing
  4. A6

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