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Do you ever just wake up and think, where the f**k do I start today? I feel you there. Sometimes I’m back to back with design jobs, have 27372 outstanding emails to answer and also, the most important part is trying to figure out when to have my lunch.

To help combat all these daily juggles, I’ve created a beautiful terrazzo style planner which runs from 6am – 7pm with space for you to detail what you have going on. To the right, we have a tick box list for those essential tasks that NEED a tick. Finally, at the end, we have a notes box to release all the brain dump that has been clogging your creative mind all day.

Our planner comes with 50 sheets and has been designed to maximise on the space you have to write and keeping the overall look of the planner sleek and simple….we’re all about the aesthetics as well as functionality.

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  1. 50 sheets
  2. 120gsmĀ premium white paper
  3. Grey board backing
  4. A5

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