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Italian prints

Our Italian inspired prints use beautiful illustrations and oozes simplicity, bringing a minimal look and feel to any room you choose to hang this.

"Making it simple but significant."

about us

Hi, I’m Chris and welcome to OBV Studio.

This little space on the internet is where you’ll be able to shop my stationery, prints, greetings cards, some really cute gifts and also a bunch of business essentials.

I’m a part time designer with a real passion for this industry and pour my heart into everything I create.

Other Services


Not everything needs to be printed by us. We offer a range of items that can be purchased and used how you wish.


Here, you have a selection of work that has already been created and ready for customisation.

My Graphic Design


I   N   S   T   A   G   R   A   M


Thank you for visiting Obvious Prints. If you haven’t been able to find what you’re looking for on our website, please use this link to get in touch.


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Let us take the pressure off and send a card directly to your loved one.